Internet Marketing Assistance was born out of the concept that the internet is a Global Market.  It has an unlimited reach, and is still in it’s infancy globally. The founder of Internet Marketing Assistance, George Black Jr. began as a student of Anthony Morrison, a renowned internet marketer that has been in magazines, news papers, and on CNN NEWS as a man that started his business in college, ended up growing with the internet, eventually paid off his parents home in the stock market crash several years back, and with the profits that he has made in the internet marketing business he has now become a multimillionaire by teaching his techniques to others.

By having learned the lessons of internet marketing from Mr. Anthony Morrison, Carol Amotto, George Brown, D. C. Faucet, Jamie Lewis, and John Piteo, George Black Jr. started his own business INTERNET MARKETING ASSISTANCE. With his help, and the assistance of his mentors, students can become a wealth magnet of their own for those that dare to venture into the world of selling products on the World Wide Web.

In conclusion, If you or your business have a desire to market your products on the internet, market the products of others on the internet, or just want to learn how to design websites, study these pages and practice the lessons taught in this manuscript.

If you need additional help with any of your marketing needs, contact George by filing out the contact form contained in this link. You may also (CLICK HERE!)  and fill out the contact form contained on the Port of Palm Beach Post.

Thank You,

George Black Jr.