Populating your site. 

            Now that you have your niche, your domain, your hosting account, your pay-pal account, your auto responder account, and you have decided whether you will be building your home page or whether someone else will be doing it, it is time to start populating your website/blog with content. You will also need some kind of affiliate marketing account to supply the products that you intend to sell. This is where it starts to get a little bit tricky.

            To make money anywhere, and in this case, on the internet, there are three essential elements for success. These are, a place to do business, a product to sell, and customers to buy those products. You now have your property and your store, and now it is time to fill that store with merchandise.

            You have had a week to decide whether you are going fill your store or whether you are going to have someone else do that task for you. I have done both; however, since my programming skill is not my strongest quality, I suggest that you outsource this job to someone that has a vast knowledge in this field. That way your search engine optimization (SEO) will be correct, and your exposure to the world will be much greater. It makes no sense to have an empty store or a store where there are no customers. If you are highly skilled in programming or if you just want to do it yourself, this option is available.

At this point you would outsource the filling of the shelves or load word press or another web site building program into your platform, and start populating your store. Take note though, Google loves WordPress.

By now you should have found affiliate offers (Click Bank) that are related to the merchandise that you want to sell in your online store. If you have not yet done this it is the time to search the internet for affiliate offers (Max Bounty) from suppliers of that merchandise.

            So your project for this week is to:

  1. Have your website set up.
  2. Have contracts signed with the companies that supply the products that you want to sell.


By the way, some of the popular companies that offer affiliate programs are clikckbank who deals predominantly in e-report, e-books, e-videos, and the like. MaxBounty, Amazon.com and others sell some physical products as well. Commissionjunction.com and CBEngine.com are also common places for an internet marketer to look for products to sell. These sites also have a search box so a niche orientated affiliate marketer can search for products that follow along the lines of their niche.

A couple companies that you may not have expected to offer affiliate marketing is northerntool.com, which sells hydraulic components, compressors, tools, and the like, and Sportsmansguide.com, which sells camping gear, ammunition, gun parts, sportsman’s apparel and so forth. So search for your niche in your tool bars, and find the companies that offer an affiliate marketing option. You will be surprised at the number of them out there that do.

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